Take The Stayfree Challenge Contest & Be Entered to Win $200!


Stayfree-Challenge-logoBack in June 2015 I took the Stayfree Challenge and I showed you why you should change to Stayfree for your monthly needs. While taking the challenge I was excited to see the results and what the outcome would be — but I wasn’t surprised. Stayfree has always been a superior product to me and when the results were in I was more than pleased with the fact I had been using the right product all along! I know which pads will be packed in my hospital bag this summer for after giving birth!

stayfree9Today I’m bringing you the Stayfree Challenge Contest just for you to try AT HOME! You can see how you like Stayfree and how these superior pads compare for you! The test is fun, but also very eye opening to other brands and what they seem to lack compared to Stayfree (can you say absorbancy?) if you participate you can be entered to win a 1/25 chance of a pre-paid $200 credit card!


Here’s How to Participate:

  • Enter your information on this form. The first 25 CANADIAN (please note you MUST live in Canada to even count) will be sent the #StayfreeChallengeContest kit to try at home (including step-by-step instructions)!
  • Once you’ve taken the challenge it’s time to share your results! Using the hashtag #StayfreeChallengeContest you must make a public post on a social media channel of your choosing and include one photo. Please then send me the link to your post by April 29th, 2016.
  • ONE winner from the 25 participants will then be chosen at random to win a $200 pre-paid credit card. Winner will be e-mailed and posted here on Six Time Mommy.

Here is my video from my test to refresh your memory:

After taking this Challenge I am relived I have been making such a great choice all these years, but I’m not surprised. The products speak for themselves and I’ve been beyond impressed.

Are you ready to put the pad to the test? Sign up to take the Stayfree Challenge now!


  1. I love Stayfree pads. Only ones I can wear comfortably really. Loving that all the products you’ve been testing lately are some of my fav’s!

  2. Based on this challenge, it’s clear that Stayfree pads are superior to the other brands. It’s so important to find a brand that works best for you (especially for that time of the month.)

  3. Stayfree has always been a trusted feminine hygiene product in my home. It does a great job of absorbing and keeping me comfortable during those uncomfortable times of the month.

  4. I’ve had a hysterectomy but I buy these for my teenage daughters- they seem to be the ones they like the best.

  5. Sorry! I might have submitted it twice as the first one had an error ( don’t think I inputted my email ;)) ! Hopefully I made it!

  6. That’s awesome. It’s worth trying so you can save on pads, especially since we’re three girls at home, that would be a huge help. Too bad I don’t live in Canada though!

  7. I have to say that I have never tried Stayfree pads. I’ve always tried the Always brand. But I am so intrigued by your post that I am thinking of giving them a try and see if they also work for me. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am dreading dealing with pad choices and all of the stuff that will be going on with my daughter in a few years. Girls mature much earlier than when I was young.

  9. love watching the test! it does makes a difference from the others. will try tofind it in the shop later

  10. Sounds like a real good challenge. Stayfree is a brand that is here for a while now. Great brand I must say.

  11. I have been using Stayfree since my teenage & it has been the best so far despite many new brands that have come. The quality is always at its best & helps in keeping me comfortable all through those few days.

  12. I love using Stayfree, it’s definitely my preferred pad of choice, and it has been for pretty much forever. So I’m totally in team Stayfree!

  13. I look forward to the challenge which I will be doing today and posting on my blog later today.

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