Teach Kids About Bears This Winter – With Bear Grahams!

beargrahamstitleThis winter is a great time to teach kids about bears. What better way then with a fun snack to go with the learning! Last Winter while we were doing homeschooling I had my kids do a packet about bears. We learned a great deal about bears, especially brown bears. Which seem to be a favorite in our house!

Did you know – While bears tend to slow down during the winter, they are not true hibernators. Nope, they aren’t! Black bears, Brown bears and Grizzly bears go into a deep sleep which is referred to as a torpor during the winter which is not the same as hibernation.

During hibernation animals will sleep through the winter and will not wake up (oh boy, I wish we could do this!) Did you know during hibernation the bears won’t even wake up when touched or moved? Pretty neat. But, when bears are in “Torpor” they are in a state of decreased physiological activity, which means it enables animals to survive periods of reduced food availability. Torpor is often used to help animals survive during periods of colder temperatures.

Pretty neat, huh? I always thought bears actually did hibernate during the winter.  So, if you want to teach your kids anything about bears this Winter why not do so with these fun Bear Grahams too!


  • Graham crackers
  • Wilton light cocoa candy melts
  • Coconut marshmallows
  • Brown mega M&Ms
  • Brown regular M&Ms
  • Candy eyes

You will also need

  • Decorating bag
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Microwave


  1. In a small microwave safe bowl, melt your candy melts at 50% power for 3-4 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted
  2. Pour your melted chocolate into a decorating bag, then cut the tip off
  3. Break your graham crackers in half. And begin frosting them with the decorating bag
  4. With the melted chocolate, make a large circle with two round ears in the top two corners of your graham cracker
  5. While the chocolate is still soft, press one brown M&M in the top two corners
  6. Cut your marshmallow in half and and place one half with the coconut side facing up, onto the middle of your graham cracker bear
  7. Place 2 candy eyes above the coconut marshmallow
  8. Now place a tiny bit of melted chocolate on the front of your regular brown M&M and press it onto the marshmallow
  9. Your little bears are complete!




bear6Aren’t they adorable? Tasty and cute, the perfect snack to make learning a little bit more fun!

Have you ever made Graham Crackers/Cookies into something fun? What animal do you think would also be fun to make?

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