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Teen Boys Room On A Budget + New Leesa Mattress

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free product for us to review and compensation for writing this post. However, all opinions stated here are my own.

Over the last few months, we’ve painted our little townhouse to our liking. We’ve redone our girl’s bedroom in teal/purple finishing it with sparkle paint. We then did the boy’s room a gorgeous blue and green. We did our dining room and living room a pretty grey and our entryway in a tan color. We talked about whether we should buy antique furniture as part of the remodeling and completely refurbish our living room. That plan was put on the back burner when we decided to concentrate on our children’s bedrooms. A friend of mine suggested that we look at a furniture store similar to https://www.waysidefurniturehouse.com/ to find furniture for them, but I wasn’t sure about that, especially with our teen son.

Jordan, our almost 14-year old is very picky. He is set in his ways and didn’t really want to do anything with his room. I helped him clean up his room and we took 2 garbage bags out of his room full of GARBAGE. Like, I am talking water bottles, packages, wrappers, etc. — So I had mentioned to him maybe doing something to his room to help him “respect” his space a little more. If it’s plain, boring and has no real value, then teen doesn’t really seem to care all that much about it. On the other hand, if we allow Jordan to take ownership of designing his room then he could take pride in keeping it clean and become more respectful of his belongings.

Shortly after our discussion I received an email from Leesa. I read over the email and headed over to Leesa to check out the products they had to offer. I was really excited; I did a quick google search to see about some other reviews and sure enough, I saw nothing but positive and glowing reviews. I ran up to Jordan’s room told him we’re redoing his room and he was getting a new bed!

We had spent a ton of money redoing all the other bedrooms and main floor of the house so I wanted to stick to a budget for Jordan. My main goal was to keep paint, accessories, bedding, and carpet to under $800. However, I decided that was a much too high of a budget for what we wanted, was I able to do it all for $500? We were about to find out.

I wanted to redo everything. This meant buying him a new bed frame as well. I quickly jumped online and did some shopping, within 3 days his new bed frame had arrived. We started painting his room, we chose red because we were going with a red and black theme. His favourite colours. We had some issues with the neighbours complaining about the noise coming from his room while painting, which was a huge stress for all of us and quickly made the whole process less fun for all involved. Nonetheless, we finished painting and set Jordan’s room up within 1 day. It takes Jordan a longer time to clean his room rather than redoing it.

We had chosen a Leesa Queen Size mattress as it was the size Jordan had already, and for some reason I just didn’t want to change it to a smaller bed, although it probably would have been a good idea given his room is really small but we made it work. His room is so comfortable and so cozy now, I find myself in there hanging out chatting with him or just sitting on this bed because it is beyond comfortable. I’m glad we have finally got round to switching the old mattresses as we’ve had them for a while now. I’ve read stories of people keeping their mattresses for years and have experienced infestations of bed bugs. Some people even required the assistance of companies such as terminix in california to get this resolved. It is always best to be sorry though, but for us, getting a new mattress was the right answer.

The Leesa mattress arrived very quickly. The Leesa mattress comes compressed in a box that’s the size of a mini-fridge — a mattress in a box? So neat.

The mattress was wrapped inside the box, and when we took it out and unwrapped the mattress it made a really neat sound as it took shape and it was really quick to fluff up to its shape. The kids thought it was hilarious, and wished we would have gotten it on video!

The bed is incredible. I of course didn’t put it in the budget as I got it complimentary from the company, however everything else in the redo came in well under budget.

What we needed to buy was:

  • New Bedding
  • New Bed Frame
  • Decor
  • Area Rug
  • Paint
  • Paint Supplies

Budget set a side for this project: $500

What it turned out to cost:

New Bedding: $111.86
New Bed Frame: $137.99
Decor: $10
Area Rug: $50
Paint: $25
Paint Supplies: $15

Total: $349.85

I chose simple decor, and also used stuff from Jordan’s previous room. He has 2 posters — a Walking Dead Poster and a Cristiano Ronaldo poster so we were able to keep those and put them up on the wall. I found a gorgeous shelf that was on sale for $5, and bought 4 picture frames at the dollar store. I decided I would print the decor and make it myself. It turned out so good.

I printed these two pictures for above his bed. One is simple and just his name, the other is a quote he said he wanted as a joke but I did it anyways!

Made with our printer on cardstock, these saved so much money! Make your own printables — frame them and instant art!

I really wanted his bed to be the main focus of this room re-do. The Leesa mattress was something Jordan so desperately needed. His bed was older, and really needed to be changed. He was always complaining it wasn’t comfortable, and would cause him some back issues so this was so necessary. He truly hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a long time, so it was time. His sleep is important, he’s a growing teen boy and we needed this for him.

About The LEESA Mattress

The Leesa mattress is a premium 3-layer foam mattress that ships, compressed in a box directly to your door. Leesa offer customers a 100-night risk-free home trial. Through the One-Ten social impact program, Leesa is a for profit and purpose organization — for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one to a shelter. Recently, Leesa donated 40 mattresses to the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa and have committed to donating even more to various shelters across North America in 2017.

Beautifully crafted and designed with a feel that meets the needs of all sleepers. Three layers of high quality foam deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep, night after night.

Pricing: Starts at just $790; all sizes are priced below $1,300

  • Is available exclusively online and is 100% made in America.
  • Ships compressed in a box directly to your door — for free (US, UK, Germany & Canada).
  • Is a 10” hybrid foam mattress with a Universal Adaptive Feel™!

Constructed with three layers of premium foam:

  • Top: 2-inch AvenaTM foam top layer perforated to keep you cool and provide cushiony bounce.
  • Middle: 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring.
  • Bottom: 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and edge support.

Jordan’s thoughts on the mattress:

“I could sleep on this mattress even if I wasn’t tired. It takes comfort to a whole new level. Leesa really took into consideration everyones needs with this mattress — young and old. I have a queen size so I will be able to grow with the mattress. I have a really hard time getting up in the morning for school because it’s so comfortable and I’m finally getting good, and real sleep. I used to wake up with a sore back which made doing sports really hard. I haven’t had any issues since I switched to my new mattress.

My room is comfortable and I’m happy to spend time in there now, even if its just hanging out on my bed watching Netflix — I have somewhere comfortable to chill and be able to do that now. I’m really thankful for my new Leesa mattress.”

The Finished Room:

Even Chase is a big fan of the Leesa mattress. This is also his new bedding we got on Wayfair, along with his new bed frame.
His new bedding is soft and cozy too, perfect pair with the Leesa mattress!
He likes simple, and we made sure to keep it simple and not too over the top.
His computer set up is pretty basic. He is upgrading his computer in a few weeks but its perfect for him. He’s taller than me now so on the wall the monitor (aka: tv goes)

He has the smallest room in the house because he is the oldest and isn’t sharing a room, but its comfy and cozy. Thanks to Leesa, Jordan is now getting a full night sleep every night and we aren’t hearing complaints of how much his body aches, or back hurts. We think that this mattress should be the best mattress for back pain on a promotional website like The Dozy Owl, it’s that great!

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What do you think? Could you use a room make over? What about a refreshing night’s sleep?

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free product for us to review and compensation for writing this post. However, all opinions stated here are my own.

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