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Teething & Babies: How to Soothe the Discomfort

Hanna is 6 months old now as of the 10th of this month and she’s been dealing with some serious teething the last few weeks. My last two babies wore amber teething necklaces from an early age so we didn’t really deal with many issues when it came to teething. There wasn’t much drool, discomfort, sucking/chewing and they were pretty chill babies all around.

Hanna on the other hand I was in a little bit of denial with her. I didn’t get her amber necklace until she was 5 months old. I think I was holding on to the fact that she’s my baby and I didn’t really want to accept the fact that she’s now at the teething age. I still don’t want to, but it’s here and its in full force so we need to deal with it.

I ordered her a raw honey baltic amber necklace from my favourite amber company, Healing Hazel. It arrived pretty quickly, and I got it on Hanna within minutes of its arrival. It took a few days but we did start to notice a big difference. She hasn’t been drooling nearly as much (thank goodness) and she cries a lot less from discomfort. I will say the biggest difference we have noticed though is the drool. There was so much drool before putting on the necklace and now theres hardly any.

Not only are these amber necklaces adorable on little babies, they really work. At least, I’ve always found for my babies they have. I know people have their own feelings towards them, so I basically just go off my experiences with my kids and tend to go with what I know. I also do other little things to aid with the teething pain and discomfort, here is what we do!

Tips for Dealing with Pain and Discomfort in Teething Babies:

  • Amber and/or Hazelwood Necklaces: We also have a hazelwood necklace that I just recently got and have put on Hanna as well. Alkaline and anti-inflammatory; Historically, First Nations people of Canada used hazel wood as a gentle & natural form of relief for their teething children. If your baby doesn’t leave the necklace alone try them wearing it on their ankle!
  • Cold/Frozen Cloths: I love wetting a baby cloth and putting it in the freezer to get semi-frozen. Then letting baby go to town chewing on the cloth. It’s soothing and always a big hit with the littles, bringing them much comfort on their sore gums.
  • Chew Toys: I often put these in the freezer too, and baby loves sucking on them and playing with them at the same time. Double the fun!
  • Hugs and Cuddles: When my babies are experiencing discomfort from teething I notice they are a lot more clingy than normal. Lots of hugs and cuddles is necessary and gives them comfort they are needing!

We recently also received a “Aroma Amber with Lava Stone” necklace from Healing Hazel as well. This is exciting because we’ve never tried this type of amber before. This amber is aromatherapy for your littlest love! To be used with therapeutic grade essential oils —The Lava Stone absorbs your favourite essential oils, creating a subtle aromatic experience for your baby. Paired with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Baltic Amber, it is a great way to comfort and calm your baby.

Pouring 1 drop of therapeutic grade essential oil on the lava stone letting it dry and absorb completely before putting on baby, will help soothe and calm baby!

Isn’t it pretty too? I’m really looking forward to getting some essential oils and trying it out.

What are some of the benefits of Baltic Amber?

  • A natural analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Wearing baltic amber necklaces/bracelets on the skin can have a soothing and calming effect on teething babies and toddlers
  • Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine
  • Amber comes in different colours and textures. Polished and raw.

When I was pregnant the last two times I loved wearing my hazelwood necklace to help with nausea. It was the only thing that made me feel confident, and helped me get through a really rough time. Yep, thats right They also make amber and hazelwood necklaces for adults, so if you are looking for a little relief, and an anti-inflammatory instead of pill form, try out a necklace or two.

For babies, the Hazelwood is an option with the baltic amber or without, it’s really cute too and works wonders. Hanna got Hazelamber, and its super cute with both hazelwood and amber right on the same necklace. Hers is the Hazelamber baby necklace amber/frosted white.

Now that Hanna is armed with Baltic Amber, Hazelwood and Aroma Amber we are confident her teething journey will be less painful and a little more manageable. She was really having a rough time, and now seems to be much happier! Which everyone is really grateful for, especially her!

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What are some ways you’ve heard to combat pain and discomfort of teething? Have you heard of Baltic Amber before?