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Making Teething Easier With Matchstick Monkey

[su_highlight background=”#e1e3e3″] Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Matchstick Monkey. As always, opinions are all my own.[/su_highlight]

As a mom of eight, I’ve gone through my fair share of teething with the kids. Often it’s been easy to deal with and my kids were only teething for a short time before teeth started to pop through and the drool and the everything goes into the mouth phase was over. However, with Mia, she is 8 months old now and has been teething since about 3 months old. Everything goes straight to the mouth and she begins to chomp down on everything!I was recently introduced to Matchstick Monkey. A line of fun textured teething toys, soft muslin blankets, and plush monkeys. My love of monkies helped make this a no-brainer for me when it came to trying out the products and giving them to Mia. Lucky for me she hasn’t put any of the teethers down since she got them and pulls the muslin blankets on her when she’s sitting on the floor playing.

If there’s one thing I know a lot of parents, if not all parents can agree on is that when our babies are dealing with teething it’s the absolute worst next to a sick baby. We can’t do much to comfort them and having these types of teethers and toys that they are genuinely interested in and chew on is helpful. Mia wasn’t interested in many of the other teethers we had or bought her so I was a little iffy about introducing some new ones to her with fear she wouldn’t like them either – but I was wrong.

About Matchstick Monkey

Katie Windridge, Mummy to Minnie, Coco & Bailey launched Matchstick Monkey with the help of Touker Suleyman from BBC’s Dragon’s Den in December 2016 when she could not find anything to massage Minnie’s sore gums without getting badly bitten.  Like many other parents, Katie had tried everything to apply pain relief gels/oils and granules directly to the source of the pain.

The original Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy, now sold worldwide in over 35 different countries, was so successful that we now offer other innovative teething and baby products including comforting muslins and blankets, plush toys and gift sets. Matchstick Monkey understands that every moment matters when it comes to your baby and that is the same for every parent in everywhere around the world.  We believe design and safety are imperative for little ones, so you can rest assured that our products are made to the highest standards.

Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease.

Original Teething Toys:

A fun, soft textured teether which can also be used as a teething gel applicator.

This is Mia’s favorite of the bunch. It’s small, as is she so I think she loves being able to hold it with ease and get it right in on her gums and chomp away.

Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease.
• A fun and stylish hygienic way to apply teething products
• Dishwasher safe and fridge friendly
• Suitable for steam and cold water sterilization
• FDA approved food grade silicone
• BPA free non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Helps develop motor skills from an early age
• Height: 10.5cm

Dancing Monkey Teethers:

A fun soft textured teether, perfect training toothbrush to massage the gums which also that gets to the source of the pain helping soothe sore gums.

This one is slightly bigger than the other so while she does love to chew on it and play with it – I think she needs to grow with it a little more! She has really tiny hands and this one is a little big for her still yet. But, she loves it just the same.

Help your little ones overcome their teething challenges with this amazing toy that offers fun, comfort and acts as a learning aid to babies from a young age.
• A variety of textures help soothe sore gums as your baby chews
• Dishwasher safe and fridge friendly
• Suitable for steam and cold water sterilization
• FDA approved food grade silicone
• BPA free non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Helps develop motor skills from an early age
• Height: 14cm

Pink Knitted Hanging Monkey:

A beautifully knitted monkey friend for your little one. Hang him from your cot or pram and let him entertain your baby. The rattle in its tummy and the crinkly textured feet are perfect to keep your little one happy.

Although we aren’t out much I have hooked this on Mia’s car seat and her stroller and she loves bringing it along on our little outings. When we aren’t out on the go she plays with it like her other toys and loves that she can chew on the hanger.

Plush Monkey – Large:

The perfect soft toy companion for your baby with crinkly hands and feet. Learn through play and use the Velcro hands to hang your monkey from your cot or pram.

Mia has recently started to love bigger plushies. She loves grabbing them, hugging them and well, eating them apparently! She loves, loves, loves this plush monkey. This plush monkey comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

I’m so thankful we stumbled upon Matchstick Monkey. Mia’s road to teeth although not 100% pain-free and glorious it’s something we can deal with now that she has toys and teethers she will actually pay attention to and chew on.

100% Organic Cotton Muslin Blankets:

The 100% organic cotton muslins have a BPA free chewable silicone teething label, helping to keep your little one calm at all times. Soft and kind to baby’s skin, our muslins provide tactile stimulation whilst helping your little one feel calm and secure at home and when you are out and about.

I’ve collected Muslin blankets since I was expecting Justin back in 2013. A lot of them have ripped, worn out or had some mishap or another so I’m thrilled to add these two muslins to our collection. I love these for when we are out – I often use them as a nursing cover because they are breathable and not suffocating to the babies, or too hot to have over myself.

They are also great for naps, and because they are breathable don’t make me as paranoid as any other “Swaddle” blanket would. These blankets are also buttery soft once washed a few times, and Mia adores hers.

To purchase any of these products or to see what else Matchstick Monkey has to offer – check out the website, here.