Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Getting Pregnant

adult-18604_640When you get pregnant people tell you all kinds of things. But, when I was 17 and pregnant for the very first time it was difficult because I had really no support, and no one to talk to about pregnancy in general. I really had to go through it alone, besides him but it just wasn’t the same.

Thinking back all 6 of my pregnancies were very different. My boys and My girls were the complete opposite. I was super sick with both my girls – so bad I could barely function some days but my boys? I had random morning sickness and it was nothing like the girls.

What no one really tells you though is that there is WAY more going on with our bodies than we even realize. Sure, we are growing tiny human beings but why does no one talk about the things that go on when this is happening? I mean, REALLY talk about the REAL things that go on?

It’s your lucky day because I’m feeling very open today, and am going to tell you about the 10 things that I experienced during my pregnancies that no one ever tells you, or talks about. I’m talking about those things that you make up a random screen name, login to google and start searching and posting on message boards looking for answers because you just feel like a complete psycho who is SO confused?

Well, here’s what I wish I knew…

HEMORRHOIDS: Yes. These are so common! They are not your friend and no you don’t need to panic! I also suggest NOT googling, because well – you don’t want to see. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are very common. I had no idea this because I had gone through 4 pregnancies before I got to experience this wonderful little adventure.

UTI/BLADDER INFECTIONS: I experienced these throughout all of my pregnancies. I started to dread my doctors appointments because every single time I peed in a cup I was told I had a UTI or Bladder infection. I had to start taking cranberry pills and antibiotics. Not fun.

DISCHARGE: There can be a lot. I won’t lie, it’s not fun. Once we get those two little lines or a plus sign we let out a huge sigh of relief simply because we are THRILLED we don’t need a tampon or pad for the next 9 months. But don’t be fooled. You’ll probably need a panty liner often.

IF YOU SNEEZE YOU MAY PEE: Yep! Been there, done that many times. Once you get bigger in your pregnancy and baby is on your bladder be prepared for anything. Laughing hard, bumpy rides on a bus, sneezing, coughing – you may pee yourself. A Tiny trickle or the hoover dam so be prepared.

CONSTEPATION/CRAMPS/BRAXTON HICKS/RL PAIN/GAS: It’s no secret our bodies change dramatically with pregnancy. It’s also no secret the pains, stretching and braxton hicks can be annoying, frequent and sometimes catch us off guard. But what I wasn’t told was constipation and gas could also feel like cramps, RL and are no cause for alarm. What is more embarrassing then making a doctors appt because you feel like you’ve gone into early labor only to find out you are constipated and it’s gas that’s causing you discomfort. Don’t be embarrassed, this happens (not to me, but probably you!) ;)

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY – OR MAYBE YOU ARE – BUT CRYING IS NORMAL: No one ever told me crying was the norm during my first pregnancy. I would cry at commercials, a baby story on TLC and when someone simply looked at me and I felt they were judging my big belly. You are not crazy, this is super common. With your hormones changing and your body adjusting you will be emotional, it’s normal and doesn’t make you a crazy person.

MORNING SICKNESS: We all hear about it, most of us have experienced it while pregnant but while they do tell you it isn’t just a morning sickness it can happen anytime – which is true – but they don’t really tell you how bad it CAN get. I remember not being able to ride on buses, or in cars without having to pull over to throw up or get off the bus to throw up in bushes. It was awful. My trick? Always carry sour hard candy or peppermint candies to suck on, big help! I remember though when there were times that I just couldn’t throw up and the nausea was just awful and I just remember being sat there thinking why can’t I just start throwing up now?! So yes, morning sickness sucked if you don’t already know.

MUCOUS PLUG: I only lost my mucous plug once before being in active labor the rest of the time was in hospital as I was already in full-blown labor. The plug as it’s called is disgusting. I won’t lie, it is.. but it’s also so exciting you will want to show everyone. I suggest not showing people and just keeping track of when it starts to expel and although some say you can lose it for days it can be very exciting (and gross!)

SEVERE PAIN FROM HOW BABY IS POSITIONED: I remembered being pregnant with my first and all of a sudden felt like someone was grabbing my ribs and ribbing them from my body. I may or may not have had a huge freak out on the public transit because it was so intense and painful. Darn those lodged feet. This happened many times during other pregnancies but I was prepared for those.

MOOD SWINGS – OMG RUN AWAY!: During all of my pregnancies my mood swings were instant and terrible. Most of the time they could be fixed by throwing a twinkie or sandwich at me but when I was full and these moods hit – it was safer to run away. This is normal, but I do think when we are pregnant we take it to the extreme. When an annoying stranger is breathing SO VERY HEAVILY beside us on the bus – it isn’t okay to face them and let loose our inner demon goddess. Breathe, and remember this too shall pass. If you still find yourself getting mood swings after you’ve had your baby then you might need to look into taking a supplement like phenylethylamine hcl to help stabilize your moods. It’s also important to take time to yourself before the new arrival. If you don’t already have children, maybe look at some babymoon destinations for some r&r. After all, happy mom, happy baby.

Well, there you have it 10 of the things I wish I knew before I got pregnant the first time. Why do I think it’s important to share? Well, because it’s always good to be prepared but also because I’m planning to do it again and I need to keep all these things fresh in my mind so I’m well prepared!

Have you ever been pregnant? Anything you wish you knew prior?

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