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napkinfeatOne of my favorite things about having the kids home during the week is kids television. I often find too many tv shows nowadays are for sure not suitable for children so when my kids are home, I’m much more comfortable having the tv on because I know whatever is on tv will be suitable for the kids and if they stop playing their eyes won’t be on something they shouldn’t be seeing.

When it comes to kids television one of my favorites, and my kids favorites is Kids CBC – The Adventures of Napkin Man. If you aren’t too sure what it is — you are missing out, but I’ll tell you all about it!

napkin1Although I am not one to let my kids watch too much tv, there are some shows I make an acception for and The Adventures of Napkin Man is one of those! Not only is the show on Kids CBC but there are also four new Interactive Episodes now available for free online at Kids CBC. The four online episodes are based on shows from Season 2 of the series.

What makes the Interactive online episodes special?

Not only does the show, but now the interactive episodes explore feelings and emotions. Mr. Anthony, the Kindergarten teacher teaches both how to identify and how to deal/manage their feelings. He tells a story, about Napkin Man and his friends. How they deal with similar situations to help kids conquer and find solutions.

The Four Interactive Episodes Online at Kids CBC teach:

  • Emotion: Embarrassed (Bad Hair Day: If you’re embarrassed about a change to your appearance, remember that what seems so unusual for you may not be that unusual at others. Hold your head up high. You’re just like lots of people that change their appearance  – even from a simple haircut!)
  • Emotion: Empathy (Get Well Soon: If you’re feeling sad because your friend is sad, cheering them up will make you feel better as well)
  • Emotion: Lonely/Feeling left out (Fun for One: It’s okay to be alone sometimes. Find something fun to do on your own!)
  • Emotion: Mouring Loss (Bye, Bye, Boogaloo: If someone you love passes away, celebrate their life)

Four key feelings, and emotions kids feel and need to learn about at young ages. Throughout the four episodes which are 12 minutes in length, on screen games pop up for kids to play.

Each Interactive Episode Features:

Music Machine: An immersive music creation toy that gives preschoolers the opportunity to experiment with the way music and emotion can influence each other.

Color My World: A re-useable digital coloring book that provides players with the characters, environments and props seen in Napkin Man’s animated world – along with the interactive tools – to create their own stories that can both reflect and extend the emotional messaging seen in the episode.

Games: Designed to be fun, mini-game style activities, these challenges help preschoolers identify the emotional cues of characters in the story while also reinforcing the coping strategies that are introduced each episode.

The Adventures of Napkin Man Online gives preschoolers the unique ability to play in the sandbox of the series at key episodic moments — ensuring they are even more connected to the important lessons learned in the television episodes.

The Adventures of Napkin Man teaches kids to accept, deal and embrace their emotions, even negative. Kids can sometimes find the words to describe how they are feeling but often don’t know how to deal with them. Napkin Man teaches kids how to do that.

I really found the Interactive Episodes especially helpful at this time in my son, Jayden’s life. He often has a hard time dealing with emotions so while he and I watched, I was able to see his reaction and notice he was really understanding. He was mimmicking the emotions the other children in the episode were talking about. When the games popped up he got really excited and was looking forward to more popping up!



napkin4Having emotions is normal, and kids need to know but when we as parents tell them I think they hear it but don’t always “get it” until they see other children discussing and dealing with it too. They need to know – When they are angry, sad or embarrassed they aren’t the only ones. They need to know they can embrace their feelings, and okay to feel how they are feeling. There is no shame in feeling any which way. Jayden was able to explain to me after watching one of the episodes (Bye Bye Bogaloo) just exactly he felt when our bird died before Christmas 2014. Something he has never opened up about before now.

While these shows are great for Jayden right now, and things he is dealing with at school and with peers I found they were a real benefit to Jackson too. Jackson is a very emotional child too, so I am confident we will get great use out of these episodes for a while to come.

Are you interested in exploring The Adventures of Napkin Man Interactive Episodes with your toddler, or young child? Head on over to Kids CBC and experience it for yourself!

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the “inappropriate” television problem. Maybe it’s a neighborhood thing, but too many parents I know let their kids watch violent and adult rated programs ALL THE TIME and wonder why the kids are so emotionally messed up!

  2. I like that this is child appropriate and interactive television. There are so many things on TV and the internet I would not want my child watching.

  3. My son watches napkin man on kids Cbc every weekday. I really enjoy the idea of the show and how they teach children it’s okay to feel a certain way and why they might feel that way! Plus the song is super catchy

  4. This is the first time I have heard of The Adventures of Napkin Man Interactive Episodes! I will definitely check this out and see if it is something my toddler is into

  5. This looks like a great app. I will download so my grandson has something to do educational at Gramma’s computer when he visits. Thanks for the info!

  6. My sister-in-law was telling me about Napkin Man awhile ago but we haven’t watched it or played it yet. I think my almost 4 yr old would enjoy it though.

  7. The Adventures Of Napkin Man sounds amazing for kids. I love that the show teaches kids about feelings along with how to deal with different feelings and they have the interactive episodes online. Thanks for sharing this for the kids.

  8. I haven’t heard about the Napkin Man before but it sounds great. I will definitely check it out with my little one.

  9. Have never heard of Napkin Man – great review here…my son is now too old to benefit from its’ usage – however, a friend of mine has an Autistic son that could really shine from these episodes. Thanks for sharing.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  10. I don’t believe we have Napkin Man here in the States. However, I am glad that they have four interactive episodes online. My little one would love to check it out.

  11. I’ve never heard of napkin man before but it sounds like something my grandson would really enjoy! I’ll definitely have to check it out the next time they come over, thank you for sharing! :)

  12. My toddler could benefit from this! Thanks for the article.. anything to help him understand and control his emotions a little bit! :)

  13. This is a great app for children who are both typical and with special needs like autism, as it’s difficult for my son to grasp/understand different emotions. Napkin Man is an awesome educational tool for him!

  14. i’ve gotta be honest I’d never heard of this before but I will check it out now! thanks for the info :)

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