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The Best Books for Adults to Read Right Now

With so much going on lately I have been knee-deep into reading. I have found so many amazing books that kept me hooked so bad I was up at all hours reading! This list of The Best Books for Adults to Read Right Now is perfect if you are looking for a way to relax, turn your mind off for a little bit, and just concentrate on something fulfilling. These books? Are amazing! If you scroll all the way down I asked some of my favorite bloggers for links to their favorite books so now you will have tons to choose from!

A lot of these books on my list are FREE right now, so hurry up and take advantage!

Disclosure: This post my contain affiliate links. By purchasing one of the books linked I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Here is my list of the best books for adults to read right now:

  • The Wives – by Tarryn Fisher: This book had me on the edge of my seat; I read it in two evenings and it is the best book I’ve read so far in 2020.
  • The Perfect Mother – by Aimee Molloy: SO GOOD. I really enjoyed this one and although a lot of books I can generally figure out quickly, this one had me stumped!
  • The Couple Next Door – by Shari Lapena: Another great one I read over a weekend. I was a little disappointed though that I had figured it out not even half way through, still a really great read.
  • The Perfect Wife – by Blake Pierce: This is book #1 in a series, It’s really good and had me hooked right away.
  • Hope, A memoir of Survival in Cleveland – by Amanda BerryGina DeJesusMary Jordan, Kevin Sullivan: This was emotional for me. It’s a true story of the girls kidnapped in Cleveland. Grippling, jaw dropping and emotional read.
  • Beneath this Mask – by Meghan March: My best friend recommended this book to me and I am so thankful. I’ve never really read romance/erotic/graphic type books before and I’m hooked. It’s so good.

What’s next on my reading list:

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of series. When I find authors I love I tend to dive into everything they do.

Books other bloggers recommend:

If you are like me and enjoy reading books check out everything I’ve listed! I will be making new posts with new lists as I get through a few books so be sure to check back often to find more recommendations!

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