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Go Painless — Get The Tangles out With The Knot Dr. Pro Brite Detangler


When it comes to hair our house is a big ol’ mess of hair. My hair is extremely thick, wavy, and uncontrollable most everyday and my girls? They are no acceptation. They are pretty much the same. No matter how many times we brush our hair within a few minutes our hair looks like a scraggly mess. It never fails.

I have to straighten my hair with a straitening iron to get it to even look semi-presentable. Which, who has time for that? Not me.

When the Knot Dr. contacted me on Facebook I had never heard of the brand so off to the website I went. I was intrigued. The selection was pretty great and I loved the look of all the brushes. The Knot Dr. sent me the Pro Brite Detangler in Pomelo.


The Knot Dr. Pro Brite Detangler:

The Knot Dr.™ Pro Brite is a paddle brush boasting 212 bristles. The spread of this impressive bristle count across the paddle allows for maximum coverage and creates an enjoyable detangling experience. The Pro Brite is the vibrantly coloured edition of our Knot Dr.™Pro brush. It is available in a range of exciting colours from Fuchsia to Pomelo to help you brush in style.

Recommended for both professional and home hair care environments, the Pro Brite performs precision detangling and styling. With the Pro Brite in hand you are ready to conduct your very own knotectomy!

  • Polycarbonate body
  • 212 bristles
  • Heat resistant
  • NO adhesives
  • Ergo handle
  • Professional soft rubber finish
  • Soft e-ball tips for greater scalp comfort

Price: $18.95




While the brush works wonders on my hair which is a total shock to me, it also works magic on both my girls hair. Ava’s hair can get especially hard to manage and while I try my best to make sure her hair is up most of the time – it never fails she takes it out, or we are too busy in the morning to get it done. So, I know if she’s using the Pro Brite she will at least have a great hair day that day.

It really works, Kyla’s hair looks a hot mess 2 minutes after you brush it. So, I decided to take a before, during and after photo of her hair using the Knot Dr.

kyla1 kyla2 kyla3

As you can see though, it works like a charm. I used to go through so much detangler spray, but now I just brush her hair as soon as its washed, and either let air dry or put it up – which makes it fine to brush the next morning for both Kyla and Ava. No knots or tangles… Ava’s knots were hardcore too, they’d always have to be cut out leaving her hair all sorts of different lengths. Glad we don’t have to resort to that anymore. Kyla brushes her hair a few times a day but doesn’t really need to with this brush, it gets the knots out from the beginning!


If you have hair like me and my girls I most definitely recommend checking out The Knot Dr. for a brush that may be perfect for you! We now have tangle, and tear-free hair time and it’s become more enjoyable for my girls to get their hair done. Before it was such a hassle, and left them in tears trying to deal with all the tangles and pain – so glad we’re past that now!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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