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The Learning Journey Magnetic Spell & Learn Board Review

The Learning Journey Magnetic Spell & Learn Board Review

Learning just became a whole lot more fun! With the Learning Journey’s Magnetic Spell & Learn board kids can have fun while they sit and learn how to spell! My poor kiddos were so excited to play with this board that I was hardly able to open the box and get the board out…

The magnetic board has a built in compartment to store all the letters, built with durable plastic it has a built in handle for kids to even take it on the go, and it’s perfect for travel!



Benefits: The magnetic spell & learn board comes with 40 interlocking magnetic upper case letters and 10 magnetic pictures! The board allows children to sit and learn basic spelling and letter recognition skills.

Start Age: 3 years +

Purchase: $19.99 – Purchase here.

My favorite was opening the box and learning it doesn’t require batteries. I go though so many batteries with kids learning toys, this was a huge plus for me and I was very appreciative! It’s extremely sturdy which is great for my boys because they are pretty rough! Jackson has pretty much taken the board over, and I’ve been sitting with him helping him spell his name and get him ready for Kindergarten in September!

Jayden and Ava even enjoy playing with the board (ages 5 and 7) and enjoy making words, and having each other guess what they are! It’s also allowed them to sit, sing the alphabet and teach it to Jackson! It’s been a really great tool to get all involved and excited about spelling, especially helping their little brother!



The kids love it and the fact my 3 year old finds it fun and is trying to spell his own name with it is a great sign! If you have kids about to start school, or who are in school and need some practice time with spelling and reading this would be an absolutely great tool!

It’s not an electronic, it’s not a video game, it’s simple, it’s fun and it’s creative! Perfect and Entertaining!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.