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The Must-Have Fun Learning App: Lipa Land

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Lipa Land. As always, opinions are all my own.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids engaged in learning when on a mobile device. While nothing beats playing outside as a kid, learning is something we never stop doing. So what better way to have them engage in fun learning than on their favourite little iPad. Often, Justin doesn’t even realize he’s learning while he’s playing and Lipa Land has fast become his favourite app!

Lipa Land is not just another app. It’s an app that is geared towards making sure our little ones get the best out of screen time.

General life lessons, reading and play on a safe and secure app that puts parents minds at ease.

Of course, with screen time always comes timing. I don’t let my kids just spend hours on end on devices. Lipa Land has a timer so you can time how long your little one spends on the app.

Not every child is at the same level. Something I wish more educators and schools would realize. Fortunately for us, Lipa Land does and kids from varying ages and levels can utilize the app at the appropriate levels. There is easy, medium, hard and multiplayer. My kids really enjoy playing it together!

Have multiple children? No problem – you can have multiple profiles so each child can have their own special profile geared towards them and their needs. No need for fighting over one child being on the others account! They can have their own.

Reading is something I talk about often on the blog and I know is just as important to most parents as it is to me. Lipa Land makes it easy for kids to read, parents to read to their kids or siblings to take over. There is even audiobooks just in case you are feeling like listening instead!

Not quite at the reading stage yet? No worries, lullabies are there to help get the little ones settled and engaged. Who doesn’t love lullabies or relaxing white noise? Lipa Land has you covered.

There is even a section for DIY to learn how to do crafts and have fun off the app as well! Apps like Lipa Land are hard to come by. This app is fun for the whole family, this app gives me comfort knowing my kids are learning, engaging and not sitting around wasting time glued to a screen.

The safety of Lipa Land has truly been a comfort to me. Not only is it an ad-free app but there isn’t a way for strangers to message our kids and this makes it all the more important you go install Lipa Land right now for your kiddos!

Lipa Land is free to download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play.

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