Things You Should Avoid Saying to a Pregnant Woman


We’ve all had those moments we’d like to erase = those moments when our mouth reacts before our brains and we say things that we really wish we hadn’t. It happens to the best of us and no matter who, when or what, it is often embarrassing and something that will fondly remain vivid in your mind for a long time to come. Many times our mouths react before our brains when we learn the news of a new pregnancy.

Here are a few things that you should never, ever, under any circumstances, say to a pregnant woman. Did I mention ever? No matter how hard it is, stop your mouth before it has the chance to insert the foot deep and cause you great embarrassment for a long time ahead. These are some things to avoid:

“You’re Too Old to Have a Baby” This is really offensive to a pregnant woman you don’t know. When you are a friend or a family member, it is heart-breaking for the pregnant woman to hear. It is definitely not something that you want to say, no matter what your opinion of the matter. A baby is always a blessing, no matter the soon-to-be mom’s age.

“Your Stretch Marks Are Horrible” Don’t say it, please. Pregnant women are very emotional. They know those lines are there and I’m certain they’re none too happy about it as it is. You noticed them; fine. Next subject.

“Can You Handle Another Baby?” Again, none of your business the age of the children or the number, so refrain from making any comments.

“Wow! You’re Huge!” Some women put on more weight than others and that is okay. A pregnant belly is a beautiful baby. Even if you mean nothing ‘bad’ by this statement it can be taken as such. Just keep it to yourself.

“Can I Touch Your Belly?” Can I rub your head? Awkward question, wouldn’t you agree? Well, a pregnant woman feels the exact same way when strange people ask if they can touch her stomach. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable right?

“Don’t Do This/ Do That” While your advice is certainly appreciated, if it is desired you will be asked. If you’re not, it is probably best that you just keep your thoughts to yourself. Even well-meaning suggestions can be offensive to others. Unless you’re really close to the pregnant woman, just don’t give out your advice so freely.

I know, I know some of these things can be said to be out of love and support but honestly, it’s best just to chat and be an ear rather than say too much! I know right now I’m very sensitive and some things people say either hurt my feelings easily or make me very angry, and often for no reason. Let’s not forget these pregnancy hormones!

What is the worst thing you’ve heard said to a pregnant woman you know or you’ve been told about?

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