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Forgetful or Losing Things Often? You NEED The Tile Mate: The Power of Smart Location

I am losing my mind, LOSING MY MIND! Or at least it feels like that. Lately, it feels like if my head wasn’t attached to my body I’d probably lose it in an instant. I can’t remember anything, and it seems to be getting worse. To the point I will be talking to my family doctor about it at my next visit, its that bad. Sure, I have a lot going on and its hard to be doing so much at once but I really don’t think other people are as bad as me when it comes to forgetting things or losing things, are they?

I lose things really quickly along with forgetting things. The three things I lose pretty much weekly are my keys, my phone and my bank card. All of which, can be such a pain in the butt not to mention get very stressful.

Things don’t have to be stressful though, there are so many options out there to help make life a lot less stressful and more practical even for the forgetful one like me! Tile Mate is one of those things!


Never lose your purse, phone or wallet again with Tile Mate—the most reliable and easiest way to track your valuables. “Piece” of mind is as simple as attaching a Tile Mate to anything you care about. The Tile App allows users to ring their Tile to locate a misplaced item, find their phone even when it is in silent mode and view the last known location of their item on a map.

Tile’s #1 best selling devices, network and mobile app work together to help people locate the things that matter to them most. Their global community spans 200 countries and territories and helps people locate more than half a million items everyday.

MSRP: $30 each, $90/ four pack.
Availability: Online at Tile,, and in stores at most major Canadian retailers.


Because I am constantly losing just about everything, I have found not only do I feel much safer have Tile Mate attached to my keys, and set up on my phone but its also a reminder. When I’m out and see the Tile Mate attached to my keys it reminds me: Phone and Bank Card. Every single time, so its been helpful in many different ways.


Yesterday at the kids school we were out on the playground which is all wood chips and I lost my phone. Crazy, right? Well, Jackson took it out of my pocket and then started running around with his friends. I started to panic. Another mom saw me and offered me her phone to call mine, of course my ringer was off so I couldn’t find it. Next thing I know Ava is running up to me, “Here’s your phone mom!” she had it in her pocket. When the heck did she get it? Regardless, had I kept my keys with me I wouldn’t have to even freak out because I could simply find my phone.

My favourite feature of the Tile Mate? You double tap the button on the Tile Mate and it will RING your phone, even on SILENT. I think this product was mede for me. I really do.

If you are like me and lose things because you have so much going on in your life, you are really busy at work, or you just forget things like me then this is the product for you! Do you know someone who could benefit from something like this? It’s perfect for a gift too, so with the holidays coming up talk about the best gift to buy! I’ve added the Tile Mate to my Holiday Gift Guide, and it will probably be on there again next year because well – we all need one of these!

Are you very forgetful too?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.


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