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I’ve been asked more times than I can count how I do it all with so many kids. The truth is, after having the first four kids things just settled into place right away. The first month with a new bundle is often the hardest. Getting used to a new routine, and feedings can be tough. But, it’s not something that has to be stressed about or too much thought put into it. Chances are when you are first home with baby things will just fall into place. Once you’ve set a routine and gotten used to the idea of another little bundle it gets easier, I promise! It’s a lot easier if you have everything planned before the baby’s arrival, but knowing what needs to be planned out can be difficult. If you’re struggling to think of a plan and what to get sorted, you can click here for some great tips and advice for the anticipated day of the baby’s arrival.

You wait 40 weeks (or more, sometimes less!) to welcome your new baby into this world, and then the day arrives! Your perfect bundle of joy is here, healthy and perfect as can be! The first month of bringing your baby home can be pretty exhausting for the parents. But it doesn’t have to be too overwhelming or stressful.

Below are some tips for the first month of bringing the home baby! You run off excitement when your baby arrives, and then the exhaustion sets in from the sleepless nights. If you are a first-time parent, then you have nerves to add into the mix. Babies can be intimidating, to say the least! It will be the last thing that you will think about when you arrive home with your newborn, but you should consider updating your will to accommodate the new baby. You can sleep easy knowing they will be taken care of should anything ever happen to you. If you don’t have a will, you may want to write a will online.

Surviving the First Month Of Bringing Baby Home

Prep bottles, soothers, and other items you may need BEFORE baby arrives: Some people may think doing this before a baby comes is “too soon, ” but you won’t want to prep, boil and get things ready once that little bundle of joy arrives. Doing it before and having them stored away where they are easily accessible is a big help in those first few weeks at home.

Meals: The one thing I always recommend is making freezer meals ahead of time. Or have items for quick meals or crockpot style meals. You will not have much time or energy to spend cooking. Make sure to have breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Clean Before Baby Arrives: Your house will probably be clean when you head to the hospital if you nested. Just make sure your house is clean so that when you arrive home, you don’t have to worry. Good bet lots of family and friends will visit those first few days of coming home. If your house is a little messy that is okay; they are just there to look at the new baby, not a dirty floor. No stressing.

Stock up on Necessities: Make sure you have toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, feminine products and other necessities on hand. You won’t have a lot of time to run to the store, so make sure you are stocked up.

Lack of Sleep: Taking care of your newborn around the clock is exhausting. More exhausting than you will ever imagine. So, forget the housework, and nap when your baby does. Trust me; it will help you dramatically in the long run. Laundry and other chores can wait. When you baby has a meltdown, or you feel overwhelmed, having that sleep can help.

High Emotions: Your body just went through so much, and your hormones will be all over the place. You might experience a lot of crying, anger, or ups and downs. If you feel you are struggling talk to someone or seek help. Postpartum depression is real and can be a struggle. So many moms go through this, they just aren’t talking about it. Don’t hide, speak up and you will be amazed at the support you will get.

Accept Help: Don’t be afraid to take help. They always say raising a child takes a village. That is no joke, especially in the beginning! Make sure to let others help you so you can get a bath in, or shower, or take a little nap.

Rest: Whether you have a c-section or vaginal birth, both take a toll on your body. You might feel weak and tired for awhile. Make sure that you rest when you can. People will not judge if the floor needs to be vacuumed or you didn’t dust. Rest when possible as this will help speed up the recovery. If you do too much, you could cause yourself to bleed more or slow up the healing.

Soothing Baby: You can in no way shape or form spoil a newborn. They are used to having you right by them when they were in your tummy. They need a lot of love and attention! If your baby is fussy and you can’t seem to soothe them, try these methods.

    • Swaddle them
    • Make Shushing Sound
    • Make sure, not hungry or a wet diaper
    • Try a pacifier – like Playtex ® OrthoPro ® or Binky ®
    • Walk around the room with them
    • Sit on a yoga ball and gently bounce
    • Change baby’s position to see if that brings relief
    • Move legs in bicycle motion to see if it is gas pains

If nothing works step outside, and that normally works. If cold, bundle them up in a blanket and stay out for just a minute. The air and scenery normally soothe the baby right away.

Feedings through Night: Night time feedings can be exhausting. These tips below can help you to have success through the night.

  • Put baby in crib or bassinet when drowsy, they will learn how to fall asleep on their own, and begin to associate crib/bassinet as bedtime.
  • Swaddle: In the beginning months they have been working on building up their nerves. That means their arms and legs can flop around often. Swaddling them can keep them from getting startled.
  • Keep night feedings as brief as possible. Change their diaper, feed and then get back to sleep. Try not to talk or make a lot of eye contact as that can wake the baby.
  • Make sure you have diapers, wipes, burp cloths all handy when you go to feed and change the diaper. For quickness and efficiency
  • Split Taking Care of Baby: If you have a significant other, consider taking turns at night. Or they change the dirty diaper, and you feed the baby. That way you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Same can go for house chores and meals. Create a plan that works for you and your family and stick with it.

Thankfully by being a #PlaytexMoms and #ForBetterBeginnings mom we use PlaytexBaby for all our mealtime needs, and soothing needs. If you are preparing for your baby to come home there’s everything you need to welcome baby from Playtex ®! Grab your favourite bottles and soothers, sterilize them, wash them and get them ready. Put them in the cupboard and forget about them until baby comes and you need them. No need to rewash once is good!

What survival tips do you have for new parents?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a PlaytexBaby™ ambassador. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Oh, I love this! Bring home baby for the first time is so scary. It’s all all a learning curve, and you have to do it all as you go. This will help a lot of people.

  2. This is a really great post. To have so many children is always something I had wondered about but I have 3 and honestly feel like a few more wouldn’t so bad because you pretty much nailed it by 3 and get the routine down I think . Glad you shared these tips on bringing home baby for new parents who may be struggling with what/how when where why …. new babies are a joy but sometimes overwhelming.

  3. Making freezer meals in advance and just popping them in the oven during the first month postpartum is a great idea. It’s so much easier.

  4. These are all really great tips at helping to make the new baby transition much easier. I really agree with the accepting help. I thought I could do it all on my own and didn’t ask for any when we first came home and felt the burnout from that almost immediately!

  5. Those first few months can be tough. I can remember when I first brought my daughter home. I had a tough time trying to juggle all the responsibilities until I got used to it all. All your tips are great.

  6. I love that you reiterated that a baby cannot be spoiled. I have four kids and I never thought it was hard. In fact, having the kids closer in age together is easier because the kids have an instant friend close by always! :)

  7. This is when the lack of sleep starts and never ends, lol! I think these are definitely important tips for new parents especially for first timers! It’s going to help them out a lot.

  8. This is really sounds a good advice and such a helpful post for the first time moms. I remember all my pain and hard time when my son was born

  9. I remember how exhausted and excited I was to bring baby home. I thought that if I could work a full-time job, I could totally take care of a baby with no problems at all. Oh I was so naive – ha ha!

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