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Tips for First Year Kindergarten Parents

Tips for First Year Kindergarten Parents - sixtimemommy.comAre you sending a child to kindergarten for the first time? It’s nerve-wracking to go through this new process alone. However, although you feel alone, millions of parents have sent their child to kindergarten for the first time. I have one starting Kinder this year, it will be the only time he’s been away from us and I’m pretty torn up about it but I’m an emotional mess at school time for all the kids so this is nothing new. Check out these tips to make sure you are just as prepared as your child during this “new to you experience.”

Talk to a Kindergarten Parent Veteran
If you have never sent you’re a child to kindergarten before, spend time talking to parents who have sent their child before you. It’s amazing how talking to someone who has “been there and done that” can make life feel so much easier. Join an online group of parents who are going through the same thing as you!

Keep the Communication Line Open
There is one major thing to remember when you are sending a child to kindergarten for the first time and that is c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. You want to keep the communication lines open and talk to teachers, staff, and the principle when necessary. Always keep your tone in check to ensure you are delivering the right attitude. Sometimes you only get one chance to discuss how you feel. You could even use a parent engagement tool to keep updated on your child’s progress too. Although schools have parents evenings, sometimes it’s nice to have a brief update and using an online tool could help you get the information you need. Online tools are also great if you can’t make the parent-teacher meeting.

Make Sure You Read All Information Sent Home
When a school wants you to know something, they will tell you. Oftentimes, you will get several different letters sent home describing in detail what’s going to happen. Make sure you read all of the information sent home to you from the school.

Take the Time To Volunteer in the Classroom When Possible
It may seem as though kindergarten has sucked away all the time you have with your child. If you can swing it, try volunteering in your child’s classroom this year. There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer at your child’s school or in their classroom.

Teach Your Child About Responsibility (For Your Own Piece of Mind)
One of the biggest things for new kindergartners and their parents is their children are now supposed to have a little responsibility on their shoulders. Before you bestow all this new responsibility on your kindergartner, take some time to explain to them what responsibility is and why they have it. You’ll be glad you’re not hunting down books and shoes every school night!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions (Lots of Them)
When you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask it. You’re a first year kindergarten parent and this is new to you. Once your child hits first grade remember all of your anxiety and questions from the first year and reach out to other parents who are battling the same thing.

Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at this “school” thing. Do you have any tips to add?


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