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Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft

Now that I’ve started homeschooling Kyla again we’ve had to really try to find more fun things to do for our art time. I make sure to give her some art time as it’s super cold outside right now and we don’t want to be spending too much time outside – so I figured art would be a better option.

Kyla is super creative. She is eager to learn, but is also eager to be hands on and get creative. So, when thinking of fun things to do with her I have to make sure it won’t be too boring and will keep her interest. I think with these toilet paper roll monster crafts – we could do these numerous times, create many different creatures and it would never get old.

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Craft supplies for decorating monsters such as; google eyes, feathers, string, washi tape, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, markers, etc.

Monster SuppliesInstructions:

  • Paint your toilet paper rolls and let dry
  • You can push the top down (as shown) or leave it open depending n how you want to decorate it.
  • Give kids access to glue, safety scissors and a multitude of craft supplies so that they can decorate their monsters.

TIP: Encourage kids to use their creativity to come up with unique designs. Kids can draw various designs for their monsters on paper before decorating to get an idea that they love before adding components.

step 1 paint the toilet paper tubes

Paint the toilet paper tubes

fold thhe tops down or leave them open at the top

use glue to create a monster with your craft supplies

use tape to secure feathers inside the tube

How much fun are these? I think it’s pretty awesome, and the ideas are endless. Let kids get as creative as they want to be, and jump in and make some of your own too. My kids think it would be awesome to make a whole army, so that’s our plan for the weekend!

Toilet Paper tube Monsters Craft for KidsWhat sorts of crafts do you like doing at home with the kids?

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