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Valentine Celebration: Family Dinner and Movie Date Night

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of Valentine’s and they like to skip it which is ok, I know it’s known as a “Hallmark Holiday” but, I’m one of those people who loves pretty much every holiday and likes to make a big deal! However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a romantic date where you and your spouse slip away alone. It’s a special holiday all about showing love, so skip getting a babysitter and enjoy a family dinner and movie date!

Decorate for the special day: You may have already put up your usual Valentine’s decorations, but this is your special family date, so add more! It doesn’t have to be anything wild or crazy – some cute red, pink, and white paper chains would be a great craft project/activity for you to do with your children. They’ll be proud when they see the chains hung up, knowing they helped make it.

You could also use different types of Valentine’s candy to decorate by putting them in a clear vase or arrange them in a basket. Holiday candy is not only a sweet treat, but will add a gorgeous pop of color to your decorating as well.

Dinner: Break out the heart shaped cookie cutters and go to town making everything you’re going to eat, full of love. Try making a heart shaped pizza with heart pepperonis or heart shaped spinach and feta hand pies. Or treat everyone to breakfast for dinner, complete with French toast hearts and fruit kabobs.

Movie time: Instead of everyone in a big cuddle puddle on the couch (which of course, there’s nothing wrong with), try your hand making cardboard box cars and treating this like a Valentine’s Day drive-in movie. It’ll be something different and exciting for the kids and the awesome part is they can still have their cool cars to play with the next day! Doing something extra special like these cars, is something that will make the night magical and will leave them with a great memory.

For concessions, there’s so many sweet treats to pick from! Make pink cookies decorated with conversation hearts. Some popcorn, fruit, and a couple chocolate hearts would be tasty, too! You could even give the kiddos pink milk by mixing in strawberry milk drink mix.

heartNow that you’ve got where everyone’s going to sit planned out and what snacks to munch on, all you need now is which movie (or movies) to watch! There’s plenty of great love stories in classic Disney movies, such as “Lady and the Tramp”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Aladdin”. Instead of age appropriate love stories, you could also watch movies that your family just loves in general. The whole point of the evening is family togetherness and doing what you love and enjoy.

Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be about spending crazy money on loads of candy or roses. It’s about showing your love – and having a family dinner and date night is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.