Valentine’s Cards + Treats for Teachers With FREE Printable!


With less than a month left now until the big day of LOVE we, of course, can’t forget teachers! I’ve already posted Candy Free Valentines and a Candy Valentine option both with free printables, but we can’t forget those that spend so much time with our little ones at school!

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! - sixtimemommy.comWe’ve had our fair share of ups and downs where school is concerned but this year – all my kids have fantastic teachers. We want to make sure they feel the love on Valentine’s Day too. So, this is why I made this free printable and yummy treats for the teachers.

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! - sixtimemommy.comThe donuts are not my recipe they are from here. If you’d like to get the recipe head over and take a look! They are yummy; my kids gobbled up all the extras. I made these as mini donuts so I could fit three perfectly in a snack bag!

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! - sixtimemommy.comWhat you’ll need:

  • Quality card stock
  • THIS printable
  • Cellophane treat bags (used small)
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch

Recipe for donuts can be found, here.

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! -

Print out the printables, hole punch the top of each card, thread the ribbon through the hole and tie around the cellophane bag. Then viola! Super cute treat bag.

If you don’t want to use homemade or store-bought donuts, you could do just about anything donut-wise and even use other items that are donut themed to give these with (pencils, erasers, a tie, notepads, etc.)

Teachers get mugs and gift cards like crazy. It’s time they get a nice sweet treat for themselves.

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! - sixtimemommy.comI figured donuts would be the perfect option. To have with their morning or evening cup of coffee or tea.

Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! - sixtimemommy.comDon’t they look adorable? I know not everyone has the time to make donuts so even store bought is great! These are mini donuts, and I put 3 in a cellophane goodie bag (purchased at Bulk Barn!) and some cute Valentine’s Day ribbon to tie them off!


Teacher Valentine's FREE Printable - Donut Stop Teaching! -

What do you think of giving teachers little treats for the holidays too?


  1. I love these cards! They’re so cute and the perfect little Valentine’s Day cards for kids to give to their teachers!

  2. Oh I just love this idea! It’s adorable! I need to show this to my kids to see if they’d like to give it to their teachers!

  3. OMG these are so awesome. I love “Donut stop teaching” I might just give them to a friend whose a teacher and needs encouragement. It’s good to remember our teachers they do so much for us.

  4. Aw I agree what better way for kids to show their appreciation towards their teachers than with a supply of donuts. Plus the donut printables are excellent and so pretty too! x

  5. I love that you’re showing teacher appreciation! They definitely deserve all the love. These are adorable! You’re awesome!!

  6. Awww, what adorable designs! I always give the kids’ teachers a Christmas card, but I never thought about Valentine’s! I might bookmark this and bring it out again in a couple of weeks. :)

  7. These are so creative!! I always made sure to give my teachers Valentines, but they were usually just the same ones I gave my friends (quite a few puzzled male teachers got One Direction valentines over the years. Luckily they were quite gracious about it!!).

  8. These Valentine’s Day donuts are such a cute idea. It’s a nice treat for your favorite teacher, friends, or even co-workers. We all want a little sweet treat during Valentine’s Day.

  9. These are adorable! We have a lot of teachers to gift to on holidays so we’ll definitely be using this valentines printable! My daughter has 10 teachers because her school has a primary teacher for each class then they transition to specials throughout the day. It’s a big list when you are gifting pricey items – this is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!

  10. Those cards are so nice!! For sure they will be liked by the teachers. The designs are so adorable and unique. Such a beautiful printable.

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