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Ways to Spruce Up Pinterest Interaction

Ways to Spruce Up Pinterest Interaction: Would you like to gain more likes, comments and repins? Find out some easy ways how! -

Recently I’ve become very interested in Pinterest. I’ve had it since shortly after it launched BUT didn’t truly get its full potential until about two or so months ago.

I followed a select few people that I’ve known online for a while and they followed me but then I decided I wanted to try to get Six Time Mommy more out there, to grow a little more and everyone said Pinterest would be a great way to do it!

So, I Dove in. I went from a very few followers to 1,500 in two months! Not bad, but also not great. I want to continue to grow and thought I would share with you just how I plan on doing that!

Viralwoot – Gain pinterest followers, Promote pins, Schedule Pins, Create pin alerts and more! You can do this with “Seeds” which you gain by liking pins, following pinners and re-pining others pins. You can then offer “seeds” to others to do the same with your very own content. This has been a great tool for me to not only connect with other pinners like me, but also find great accounts to follow and gain about 100 followers of my own in less than a month!

Blogger Group Pinterest threads – Are you apart of any blogger groups on facebook? These are amazing. If you join a blogger group often they have daily threads for re-pinning and commenting and sometimes they run follow threads as well. I’ve found amazing content this way and love sharing other peoples pins along with my own so this is one of my favorite ways to interact and pin. Repin others pins, but also leave engaging comments. This can draw others to your account as well!

Choosing Photos Wisely – Photos are what catches anyone who surfs through Pinterest eyes first. I know I don’t usually read a description unless the photo has caught my eye.  It’s generally a good idea to make sure its a clear, well shot photo. I usually use the ones from my header on each post and they tend to do well. The brighter the photo the better too, and if you can have the title of your post written clearly on the photo.

Follow others in your Niche – My “Niche” is Mommyhood/Parenting. Although I do touch on a variety of things like Product Reviews, Tips and sometimes How Tos I try to follow as many other Mommy blogs or Parenting blogs as I can. The more you get to know people in your own Niche, the more they may take interest in you too and repin/follow you!

Repin – If you only pinned your own content it might not do much for you on Pinterest. I have a board strictly for Six Time Mommy, but I also have tons of other boards touching on everything from Food to Health and Beauty to Pets. I repin anything of interest that are relevant to my boards. I also try to repin my own content to other boards in my own account. Say I’m posting this post in my Six Time Mommy board I can also pin it on my Blogging, Reviews and Internet board and my Advice, Tips and How-to board! Getting your content out there is key, so repinning your own content on different boards is a really good idea!

If you have Pinterest how do you interact on Pinterest? If you don’t have it, why not?

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