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Week 2 Homeschool Art Shares


Kyla has asked every week if I would post her art she does during the week. She is so very proud of all she is learning and we are too!

This week she excelled at art and math. She was a rock star when it came to spelling and reading! What a change in her!

This week in art we made 3 items.

Dream Catchers, Unique Butterflies and Christmas Ornaments!

The dream catcher is very special. When I had told her about when I was a little girl and the bad dreams I would have that went away when I made a dream catch made it her #1 art project this week.


She did a fantastic job. She did it all herself, and I made a sample one that I gave to Ava.

We couldn’t figure out what to do midweek, so we decided to use toilet paper rolls and see what we could come up with. This was the result.


It started out as a butterfly and ended up being more of a peacock like creature but what she said to me while making it really made my heart melt.

She told me she wanted it to be a butterfly but a different butterfly, one who isn’t like any other..”kinda like me” she said… And it turned out just beautiful!

Lastly we made Christmas ornaments! Such a good idea and I have a feeling they won’t be the last ones made this year.


Adorable right?

Week 2 went just as well as week 1!! We are still trying to figure everything out! We received our Ontario Curriculum books and even though I know we were doing work following the curriculum now I’m able to completely make sure and do exactly what is expected and ensure she doesn’t fall anymore behind.


After 2 weeks it’s clear Kyla is eager to learn and that this was the right decision. I want to make it clear though that this post I had written about it though was extremely vague – there was WAY more to it and it was vague because that’s how I wanted it to be. I could have gone into great details and mortified everyone, however I didn’t.

All that matters right now is Kyla was heard, by us and we are here to protect her and make sure she is well taken care of and learning what she needs to be learning. She is much happier this way, and I’m much happier seeing her beautiful smile all day everyday to give it even a second thought.