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Welcome Baby Girl!

She’s finally here!


I went to my OB appt at 38wks,1 day on Tuesday August 9th and I was told my induction was indeed set for the next day. I had to be at the hospital by 730a! I left beyond excited, nervous and a little scared! I have had 3 previous inductions before so I knew what to expect and I guess I let it all get into my head a little bit.

The next morning Jordan and I arrived at the hospital at 7a and I got all registered. We waited in this little waiting room until almost 8a when we were called back! I answered what seemed like an hours worth of questions, then at 930a the doctor came into the room and inserted the gel to get the induction started. I was terrified because I had never had gel to start the induction process before so I was worried for what was to come.

I stayed on the monitors for an hour then was told to go walk for 2 hours. I won’t lie – I was angry. The Saturday before this I developed 2 huge hemorrids and was having a very hard time moving let alone walking, how was I going to walk for two hours?

Well, I did it. Whining and complaining the whole entire time. HAHA. My poor son and sister in law who also had arrived in this time must have been so annoyed. Finally, after walking I went back into my bed and we waited. Waited. and waited some more. The nurse finally came in asking more questions, when the doctor popped his head in – said it was time to be sent over to the labor and delivery floor and break my water. WHAT. IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! I couldn’t believe it.

When we got over to my L&D room it was about 3pm. I was only about “3-4cm” and they broke my water. Now, let me say this OB was a very old man who was very nice, but very, very rough. Every time he checked me or did something I was left in tears. It wasn’t fun – he broke my water, which has never hurt before and again I began to cry my eyes out. The water was clear, and it was time to relax. I had asked for an epidural so that came rather quickly, which I’m SO thankful for because in previous births anytime my water was broken my babies came quickly.

The Epidural was awful. He tried and FAILED 4x. Yes, FOUR TIMES. My back is all bruised and has scabs all over it from all these attempts. I again was in tears as my water had just been broken, my contractions were coming constantly and severely and I was sitting on the edge of the bed hugging a pillow – and every time he attempted I would contract but also more water would come out in waves. It was all over me, the bed and all over the floor. Finally, he was able to get my epidural in. All the attempts kept shocking me, and hitting my bones so it was VERY painful. He kept breaking the needle and had to keep changing it – I just wanted it to be over with.

At 5:50 I asked to be checked as the pressure was starting to be a lot, and I was finally 6cm. I was thrilled, only 4 more to go! Well, I thought I’d be able to relax, close my eyes and just chill of a little bit but I was wrong. At 6:00 I grabbed my phone and texted my husband – I told him the pressure was so intense, but I didn’t know when to say something because I didn’t want to look like a baby. He told me to say something, and as I got his message I felt an extreme need to PUSH…

I told the nurse, I had to push! She looked super confused as I was just checked and was 6cm but I repeated – “I HAVE TO PUSH NOW!”

She checked me quickly, had the most panicked look on her face and grabbed her phone – “we need a doctor for pushing!” I asked if I was 10 and she said, YES!!!!!

Oh my gosh – within 10 minutes I went from 6cm to 10cm and baby, was ready! it was time to push. 6:05pm my beautiful rainbow baby girl was born and I couldn’t believe it – I was a mom of 7 and she was for sure a girl!

August 10th, 6:05pm – 8lbs 4oz – minutes old!:)

Hanna Elizabeth June was born Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 – at 6:05pm weighing in at 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches of pure perfection!

August 10th – Birthday day evening in bed with mommy!

I was able to nurse her and do skin to skin with her right after birth. But, sadly her blood sugar was a whopping low of 1.9 which meant they forced me to supplement her after every single nurse. After a really hectic, stressful and awful night in the hospital the next morning at 8a they whisked her away to the NICU to keep an eye on her blood sugar. I had a mini melt down over her going but was able to go be with her whenever I wanted. I knew this would be a possibility due to my Gestational Diabetes but had no idea it would actually happen as I was diet controlled and my numbers were OH SO GOOD. It just goes to show you, you never truly know and to always be careful.

August 11th – in the NICU

After a really awful hospital experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, and being kicked out of my room and into a room with no window, and just a tiny bed low to the floor with a bathroom (a courtesy room down the hall from the NICU) and not even being discharged from the hospital (I got no papers or anything it was really a bad, bad, bad experience I will be touching base on soon enough)

Hanna was in the NICU¬†from 8a Thursday-1030a Friday morning after a hectic night of me rushing to the NICU every 3 hours to nurse her and top her up with a bottle her blood sugar finally stabilized and I was able to take my sweet, precious girl home! At first they told me she would be put on an IV and it would be a process to finally get her off, and stabilized but when I got down to the NICU to see her for the first time she wasn’t on any IV and her sugar had already starting improving (I blame the nurses the night before not allowing us to nurse, or even top with formula plus taking too many blood checks and not much time in between for our failed attempt and this NICU stay)¬†

She is seriously a blessing, and a miracle for me. After two miscarriages I couldn’t ask for more. She is so cute, so alert, and so sweet. She loves nursing, and loves to cuddle. She has been welcomed by some very happy, and overly loving siblings who all adore her to no end… We are so happy she is finally here, and I am so happy she is mine. What a long and very hard road that pregnancy was but it was so worth it and she is so worth every bit of pain, agony, stress and piece of chocolate I missed out on! She is just perfect! We nursed and topped up on formula until my milk came in which was Saturday morning and as per her doctor in the NICU’s instructions we could stop with the formula top ups once milk came in – so we did, and its been going amazingly well.

I actually took her to the family doctor on Monday, just 3 days after getting home from the hospital and according to them within a week of discharge babies should gain back 30% of their birth weight – Hanna? Has gained back 60%! So I’d say that is AMAZING!

Friday, August 12th – 2 days old, day 1 at home!

Thank you to everyone who commented on photos, blog posts and Facebook statuses wishing us well thr