Adorable Repurposing Whale Craft for Kids



We are huge art fans in our house. As you all probably know with the crafts and art posts! What you may not know though is I’m a huge fan of marine life, more specifically whales. So I try to do as much with marine life and whales with my kids as I can.

What else I love doing is repurposing items from around the house. Who wants to go out to the stores every time the kids want to do a craft? I don’t so repurposing from around the house is the way to go!

Today, we used water bottles! I know, they are awful and we shouldn’t be using them but it’s better than throwing them away right? I think so! Plus I love using them for multiple other things and I’m sure there will be more arts and crafts to come with more water bottle repurposing but today, it’s whales! We are repurposing water bottles for WHALES!

Materials Needed:

  • Small plastic water bottle
  • Bright blue craft paint
  • Blue pipe cleaners
  • Blue cardstock
  • Plastic eyes
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Paper towel



  1. Take the label off your empty plastic water bottle, dry out the inside with a rolled up paper towel
  2. Squeeze a little blue paint inside your water bottle, and shake until the inside of your water bottle is completely blue, add more if needed
  3. Cut out a tail and fins from your blue cardstock and glue the tail to the underneath lid side of your water bottle
  4. Glue the fins on each side of your water bottle
  5. Now glue two eyes on the bottom end of your water bottle
  6. Cut your pipe cleaner into 3″ pieces, and one 1″ piece
  7. Glue your 1″ pipe cleaner in the shape of a ‘U’ for a smile underneath your whales eyes
  8. To finish your whale, bend the top of your 3″ pieces of pipe cleaners into swirls
  9. Hot glue your pipe cleaners onto the top of your whale for the whales blow hole







Not only is this super adorable, but its super fun for the kids to play with or even have on a shelf in their room. My kids love whales and marine life just about as much as I do so they really enjoy doing these types of crafts and having them around their rooms.

Next they want to try beluga whales – which we will just do with grey paint instead of the blue, and they’ll look adorable together!

Have you ever made anything with repurposing water bottles?

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