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Wirelessly Stream Instagram Instantly With #Cube – Review

#Cube Review: Stream Instagram Photos wirelessly and instantly with this amazing product called #cube. Read my review to see why this is a MUST HAVE for any instagram lover. - sixtimemommy.comIf you love instagram like I do then this review is most definitely for you! This gorgeous 8” square LCD touch screen device called #Cube (hashtagcube) is not only an Instagrammers dream but it’s also great for a gift for those you don’t see often, who don’t have access to your photos on a daily basis with a smartphone or those you would just like to be able to post photos for!

With #Cube you can stream your own feed, someone elses feed by username or you can stream with a certain #hashtag! I received the #Cube in classic. It looks like a small instagram real life camera that you see on the Instagram logo! It’s very cute and very interesting! cubecollageAbout #Cube:
#Cube is a wireless device that hooks up to your wifi and instantly streams photos from Instagram. Share your precious moments with those you love instantly, and easily! Photos and Videos are streamed in real-time making them stream on the #cube instantly.

Who Benefits most from #Cube?
Who doesn’t is the question! #Cube makes it easy to see what’s happening on instagram without being glued to your smartphone or tablet all day! If you have grandparents or family members living in a different Town, City or Country but they don’t have a smartphone a #Cube would make a great gift and enable them to keep up to date with the daily happenings of your life right there on the 8″ square screen! You can even get it for yourself, set it up in your living room and never miss a moment from the favorite people you follow!

Connect to your very own instagram account to stay socially connected to those you follow. With realtime and instant streaming #cube requires zero attention from you. With a touch display it’s easy to follow along, and even pinch and enlarge photos you’d like to see. You can heart (like) photos, you can search photos, users and hashtags and you can also see infomation about the photo and user. It’s a really amazing device. The #Cube comes fully charged but also comes with a charger so you can charge on your own when needed!

Cost & Where to buy:
You buy it now on the official website. You can also find #Cube at these three official retailers below.cuberetailers

Cost: $149.99 – Three choices of Classic, White or Black.


What do you think of the #cube? Pretty cool isn’t it?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.