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DIY: Witches Brew -

Do you have a favorite Halloween movie? I don’t really. I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus (gasp, I know!) but I enjoy Practical Magic or what I can remember of it, but I don’t really have a favorite. I’ll be honest and say I don’t even remember any other Halloween movies besides the scary, and common ones that include Jason or Michael Myers. None of which are appropriate for kiddos (at least not mine!). When I think of Halloween movies I think of witches, and of course witches brew!

So today, we’re talking about Witches Brew! Making your own at home! It’s pretty simple, kids love it and it’s a ton of fun! I’ve never thought of making it myself. There was a couple places back home we could go to around Halloween to get it – and my kids LOVED the dry ice!

DIY: Witches Brew - sixtimemommy.comIngredients:

  • Light colored juice
  • Clear carbonated beverage (soda water, sprite, 7-up)
  • Green food color
  • Candy body parts (These are from Target)
  • Dry ice







  1. In a large clear punch bowl or similar container pour juice and carbonated beverage. Add food color and candy parts. Only add dry ice when ready to display/serve. Length of time for fog depends on the size of your dry ice chunk.
  2. Replace ice as needed.


I think making up fun little note cards to go with the brew would be a lot of fun for kiddos. Maybe explaining what witches brew is and giving a little history, and maybe even have a bowl while watching your favorite Halloween flick!

a potent magical concoction supposedly prepared by witches. A harmful or threatening mixture; diabolical concoction: a witchesbrew of innuendo and rumor.

Do you think you’d enjoy some Witches Brew for your Halloween party or get together?


  1. What a fab Halloween drink, the dry ice is genius for creating the cauldron look! I can’t believe you’ve never seen Hocus Pocus, I’ve seen it way too many times!

  2. I like the smoke effect that dry ice gives, but it will burn if you touch it with bare hands, so I always make sure the kids can’t get to the ice. Great witches brew!

  3. This will be perfect for our party this Thursday night for sure. Now I just need to figure out where I can buy dry ice – I have never purchased any before and I don’t recall having seen any.

  4. We are hosting a kid/adult halloween party this Saturday and I so want to make this! I think it will be fun for both the kids and adults

  5. Oh what fun. We are throwing a Halloween bash and this would be perfect to serve. It is everything I wanted in a fun drink,

  6. Oh my gosh, I almost couldn’t get through the post when I saw you haven’t seen “Hocus Pocus”. I watched in when I was 8 years old (21 years ago) and have loved it since!

  7. My four year old would get such a kick out of this punch! I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing. Halloween is going to be so much fun this year.

  8. What an absolutely adorable idea. This would have to be the hit at any Halloween party. I might have to make some of this brew for my family this Saturday.

  9. That Witches Brew would be PERFECT for my Halloween bash this weekend. I love the added boy parts, I just picked up some tongues, brains and eye dummies from Target and they are so yummy (and perfect for Halloween!) <3

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