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Writing Supply Essentials for School and Home Office Thanks to BIC

  Disclosure: This post is in partnership with BIC. As always, opinions are all mine. 

With school back in full swing and things getting busy on the blog now is the time I sit down and go through all the supplies I have on hand for not only my teen who is now back into high school but also for myself in my home office.

My home office is my oasis. While I’d like to say I go there to get peace and quiet, that’d be a lie as the second I head down there and the kids are home they have a million questions to ask me or want to come to hang out with me down there which is fine but it’s my little slice of house I can call my very own and it’s fully stocked and ready for anything work may throw at me. Thanks to BIC I have my needs covered when it comes to writing essentials, and as someone who is getting quite busy can tell you — it’s much needed!

Some background on BIC:

For more than 60 years, BIC has provided consumers with high-quality, affordable, and reliable products for everyday needs. Family-owned since the beginning, the company is a world leader in stationery, lighters, shavers, and more. Today, BIC is truly a global presence: its products are available in more than four million retail outlets, from open-air pushcarts to large retailers, around the world.

BIC Cristal Up Ball Point Pens:

BIC Cristal Up Ball Pens combine exceptionally smooth ink flow with a vibrant splash of color, offering a fun twist on the classic Cristal pen design. Available in six brilliant colors, these pens offer the same dependability you expect from BIC pens but with a pop of vibrant color. These pens feature a hexagonal barrel that prevents rolling when placed on a desk or other flat surface, and the versatile 1.2mm medium point is suitable for a wide variety of writing activities.

  • Iconic BIC Cristal design with a modern twist
  • Delivers smooth writing and vivid lines in fun colors
  • Versatile 1.2mm medium point tackles a variety of writing activities
  • Trendy, clean white barrels make colorful caps pop
  • Two-toned color caps allow you to quickly identify a pen’s ink color

The six assorted brilliant colors add a splash of vibrant character to your notes, drawings, Bullet Journal, and compositions. Choose the color that best suits your mood and have some fun expressing yourself!

BIC Gel-ocity – New Quick Dry (Dries up to 3x faster!)

  • Super smooth writing experience
  • Comfortable full grip barrel
  • Vibrant fun colors

Featuring super-smooth inks and easy-to-grip barrels, BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Retractable Gel Pens deliver a fluid, effortless writing experience. These pens feature vivid inks that dry quickly, helping keep smears to a minimum. Each pen also comes equipped with a full-length grip that offers a controlled yet comfortable hold–ideal for prolonged writing sessions. And thanks to the pen’s retractable design, you can deploy and retract the tip with a simple click. Available in a variety of fun, vibrant colors, these pens are an ideal choice for note-taking, annotating, and a range of other writing experiences. For my high schooler he needs the best of the best. BIC has been a household name for as long as I can remember, and I know we aren’t the only ones. When I hear BIC I know I’m sending my son to school with quality he can count on, and making sure he is stocked in his binder, bag and pencil case as well as extras in his room (because let’s face it homework rolls around boys his age can and will do anything to get out of it) is this mamas top priority.

You see, my son is one of those “oh I didn’t have a pen” type kids who will try to get out of things but I’m the type of mom who sends her kids well and fully prepared into every situation, that includes school. BIC has everything he needs to keep his work neat, his grades up and his confidence high – with BIC Gel-ocity the link dries up to 3x faster than Gelocity Original based on average dry times of blue, black and red. (individual dry times may vary by color.)

Those of you who know me know I am a huge pen snob. I collect fun pens, and use pens all day every day as I am not only a writer, budgeter and note taker but I love to plan and need to write things down constantly through the day so I don’t forget them – Mommy brain! And BIC has got me covered!

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