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6 Tell Tale Signs Your Child is Being Bullied


As a parent one of the worst things that you can possibly imagine is when your child goes to school, somewhere that is supposed to be a safe haven for them, and thinking that they could possibly be getting bullied or picked on. Those who have been bullied at any time of life tend to suffer from self-esteem issues later in life as a result, and this can lead to all kinds of negative consequences, from a lack of confidence when it comes to entering the workplace, to something as serious as an addiction to xanax or alcohol. So, it’s important to tackle the issue as soon as you can and start re-building that self-esteem. When you find out someone is picking on your child I think we all go into full on mama bear mode and just want to handle the situation completely. Bullying is very emotionally damaging for kids and it can start as young as daycare, pre-school, or kindergarten! If you’ve got one of those kiddos that doesn’t particularly like to share too much with you and they won’t open up, you may not know that they are being bullied. Well, today I am going to be sharing with you a few signs that your child may be getting bullied.

My kids have had their fair share of this issue, and when the school kind of brushes it off, or doesn’t take it as seriously as you do it can be very angering and let me just say; as a mom who has seen it all first hand – these signs are serious, and if you feel like your child is being bullies or bothered, don’t back down. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to be heard, but it’s our jobs as parents to make sure our children are safe always.

Suddenly Being an Introvert:
Now just because your child is shy or introverted doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being bullied, however if they have become more introverted than normal then it could be a warning sign. If they aren’t wanting to go out and hang out with friends or maybe they aren’t bringing any friends over anymore this could be a bit of concern.

A lot of times bullying is verbal and emotional when it is at school or on the playground, but sometimes it is also physical. If you are finding random and unexplained for bruises or cuts on your child’s body I would definitely question them about this and get down to the bottom of the situation.

Things Going Missing:
One way that bullies tend to get to kids is by taking their stuff from them. If your child is suddenly missing their favorite toy or perhaps a game or tablet that they took to school with them you may want to ask them about it because it is possible that a bully took it from them through intimidation.

Appears Sad, Upset, etc.:
This one is a pretty obvious sign of bullying. If your kids have been noticeably different in mood such as being sad or upset this is a big sign of bullying. For example, if they just go straight to their room when they get home from school and spend all their time away from everyone, this could mean that they are upset about something that could possibly be bullying.

Skipping School:
If your kid is being bullied they may go for the solution of avoiding the bully. If you notice that they are complaining of being sick or wanting to stay home often from school, I would really be concerned here and figure out what is keeping them from wanting to go to school.

Difficulty Sleeping:
Being bullied can definitely be hard for your self esteem and that may cause difficulty sleeping or even nightmares. If you notice a disturbance in your child’s sleeping pattern this could definitely be a red flag that they are being bullied at school.

Bullying is a very serious thing that should not be taken lightly with young kids especially. Bullying can lead to permanent emotional damage down the road and it can be really hard for a child to go through alone. Be on the lookout for any warning signs that maybe your kids are being bullied and if you think it is even remotely possible that they are being bullied, step in and do what you can to put an end to the situation.

If you are like us where the school seemed to always make excuses – think about removing your child from the situation. It isn’t fair, and shouldn’t have to happen but sadly, schools just don’t seem to take most of these things seriously anymore. Get them out of there, get their self esteem built back up and if necessary help them with ways to cope. So that they can return with their heads held high and not let anyone stand in their way. Good luck to anyone bullying my kids in the future!

Do you recognize any of these signs? Do you have any others that could be added?

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