Invest in Your Children’s Future: Give the Gift Of Education


When you become a parent so many things change, and your personal priorities tend to take the backseat. All of a sudden, you want to learn more about 20 year term life insurance that could protect your family if the worst ever happened. With eight children, it’s important to me that my children get the best possible start in life. Although I never really did well in school, I understand the importance of education. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to Invest in Your Children’s Future: Give the Gift Of Education.

skip the bank when it comes to investing in your child’s education.

Invest in Your Children's Future: Give the Gift Of EducationDisclosure: This post is in partnership with CST Spark. As always, opinions are all my own.

My oldest is sixteen and there is discussion about what he wants to do when he finishes school. College? Trades? We are thinking of ways we can help prepare all eight of our kids with post-secondary education. If they all do choose to go that route, what is the best possible way to set them up for success without too much worry? With many children at this stage in their life, they’re not sure what direction they want to take their life in, so I tend to find things like career exploration tools are a great way to get them to open their minds to the possible paths in which they want their career to take.

investing in your child’s future is simple and just takes a few minutes.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, or CST for short, pioneered a movement to make post-secondary education accessible for all Canadians. For almost 60 years, their mission to help families achieve their post-secondary dreams remains the same and their education savings experts make it easy to get started.

One thing is for sure. Having a plan in place for our children is something we feel very strongly about. Even if they decide they’d rather get into a trade, start their own business like their mama or venture on to something else, at least we know we’ve planned for their post-secondary education. It takes a lot of worry off us as parents but also them as children. They can focus on the bigger picture – getting to where they’d like to end up!

Invest in Your Children's Future: Give the Gift Of Education

All of my children love learning. Although each one of them has a different learning style, they crave knowledge and never hesitate to read or do their own homework. I’m so thankful for that! Looking for the perfect gift for your child this holiday season but don’t want to deal with the holiday lines? Targeted to those who prefer to transact online, CST Spark makes saving for post-secondary education accessible and easy to manage. That means online convenience and no waiting in line at the bank. You can access your RESP anytime safely and securely online through their website and if you have any questions, their Direct Dealing Representatives are available to chat online or over the phone within a few minutes.

With the holidays right around the corner, what better time to give the best gift of all – education!

invest in your children’s future: give the gift of education

Want more information before you take the leap? Here are some helpful points to help make that decision with links to lead you on your way.

  • CST Spark is the newest member of the CST family.
  • CST’s Bright Plan is the smart, simple and flexible solution to help make your child’s dreams become a reality.
  • Bright Plan is professionally managed and invested in a pool of exchange-traded funds which aim for growth early and then maintain gains later (once your child is ready to go to school). Parents can invest in their child’s future with as little as $10 a month!
  • Bright Plan is available across Canada.

Invest in Your Children's Future: Give the Gift Of Education

helpful links

Our children are the future. They are worth investing in and their education is something that shouldn’t be an afterthought. Give the gift of education this holiday season! Yes, raising your little superstar can be chaotic, that’s why CST Spark has made saving for their future education simple. Their new digital offering is geared to the large and growing segment of young millennial parents and their families, so it’s easier than ever to invest in our children’s future!

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